Data Sheets

Data Sheets

Predictable Revenue. Sustainable Growth. Proven Processes

  • Summary of Services

    Download the dD Datasheet to learn more about:

    • Who is demandDrive?
    • What type of companies do we help?
    • What solutions do we offer?
    • Why work with dD to help drive revenue?
  • Data: Pre-Qualified Leads

    Download our data sheet to learn:

    • How Pre-Qualified Leads can maximize your sales team’s efficiency
    • What predictive modeling can tell you about your historical data
    • Why creating a feedback loop is important to your data quality

    Learn more about our Pre-Qualified Leads Program here!

  • Data: Cleanse & Append

    Does your data need a refresh – or even a complete overhaul? Read on to see:

    • The benefits of cleaning your own data vs. purchasing a new list
    • How clean data can benefit sales, marketing, and customers
    • What a data append looks like and how it can be turned into a high-quality revenue stream

    Learn more about our Cleanse & Append program here!

  • Data: Intent

    Looking for a new avenue to help generate leads? Finding the education process difficult and time-consuming? Read on to see:

    • How Intent Data can shape the buyer’s journey, and where you belong in that new process
    • When and where you can insert yourself into the conversation to become an authoritative and consultative leader
    • Where you can find Intent Data online, and how to best use it to your advantage

    Check out our Intent Data program here!

  • Data: ABI (Account-Based Intelligence)

    Account-Based is here to stay, but how do you go about starting a campaign? In this data sheet we explain:

    • Everything you need to know about an account before reaching out
    • What kinds of data you need to give your sales team to help them close more deals
    • How to best supplement that data and kickstart a prospecting campaign

    Learn more about our ABI program here!