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  • MQL Follow-Up Preview

  • MQL Follow-Up:
    How and Where to Focus your Time and Effort

    • Defining MQL Categories ✔
    • The Follow-Up Processes for each ✔
    • A Deep Dive into Pre-Qualified Leads ✔

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  • Outbound WP Preview

  • Outbound 2.0:
    The New Era of Outbound Lead Generation

    Key Highlights
    • Why Outbound is a proven strategy to generate revenue ✔
    • How an outsourcing partner can help maximize results ✔
    • Why demandDrive is the leading demand generation partner in tech ✔

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  • Sales Development Cost Preview

  • Cost Analysis:
    Building An Internal SDR Team

    • Total cost of internal business / sales development team, broken down by geographical location and hidden costs ✔
    • Best practices in BDR / SDR team construction ✔
    • Benefits of outsourcing (costs, quality, output, management, etc) ✔

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  • Account Mapping Whitepaper Preview

  • Account Mapping:
    Maximizing Demand Generation Conversions

    • Account Mapping Defined ✔
    • Inbound vs Outbound Account Mapping ✔
    • Direct & Indirect Lead Generation Results ✔

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