Sales Development

demandDrive offers three Full-Time Equivalent programs, in which you can outsource the sales development process or build your internal team:

sales development rep girl

    • Customized, targeted lead generation
    • dD Certified, in-house, dedicated reps
    • Proprietary sales development process
    • Lead nurturing process development
    • Marketing Automation implementation
    • Email marketing & campaign scheduling
    • Expert inbound lead qualification
    • Two-Way Nurture identification & execution
    • Inbound funnel optimization & prioritization
  • dD Outbound

    dD Outbound connects enterprise software companies with qualified leads through a proprietary sales development process – generating predictable revenue and sustainable growth.

    Because our clients generally require a higher level of lead qualification than most “appointment setting” outsourced firms can provide, dD project teams work closely with client sales and marketing teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of their solutions, competitive landscape, and marketing strategies.

    dD Outbound is designed to fit varying sales development strategies and can be implemented to fit either of the following functions:

    •Supplement existing inside sales development teams that need to ramp up quickly with additional reps who are trained with industry best practices.
    •Outsource the sales development function in order to mitigate the cost, risk, and resources associated with building an internal team.

  • dD Transition

    Outsourced lead generation isn’t for every company. Some prefer to keep their sales development teams in-house. We can help you build that team with dD Transition!

    We provide the same core service as dD Outbound (above) – but we also hire, train, and onboard your reps for a period of 6 months as demandDrive employees before they join your team. In addition to the standard results and deliverables from a dD Outbound program, Transition:

    • Mitigates the cost and resources required to hire and train a new team
    • Trains & certifies your reps with leading dD best practices, ensuring top-quality employees
    • Minimizes ramp-up time and produces qualified leads quickly through the dD Outbound execution

  • dD Inbound

    dD Inbound helps you quickly qualify your inbound leads through an adaptation of our proven Outbound process. We determine where the leads belong in your funnel in order to pass the sales-ready leads to your team and nurture those who are not ready. In addition, our methodical approach provides:

    • Account Mapping to further develop your list of key contacts
    • Lead Nurturing Identification that provides timing and requirement details of nurture candidates
    • Market insight from prospects who may not be qualified but can provide intelligence and feedback

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