Outbound Lead Generation Whitepaper

Outbound 2.0: The New Era of Outbound Lead Generation

  • Check out demandDrive’s new whitepaper that highlights the importance of Outbound Lead Generation. We discuss how Targeted Outbound and Intelligent Teleprospecting form the foundation of a strong sales machine predicated on revenue that is predictable and able to sustain consistent growth.

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    Key Highlights:

    When we dissect past lead generation strategies with new clients, we often discover that many have executed little to no Outbound Lead Generation initiatives prior to working with demandDrive (dD). If you have ever said any of the following, give that download button a quick tap:

    “I heard Outbound Marketing and cold calling are dead, so we only use Inbound Lead Generation campaigns.”
    “Our solution or service is the best in its class. It can sell itself.”
    “Our outside sales team is responsible for their own prospecting and cold calling.”

    In order to generate more qualified leads, should you build an inside sales team in-house, or should you outsource the function? We discuss the key deciding factors that help you make the best decision for your organization, including total cost of employment, scalability, environment, and management.

    If you conclude that you should outsource your lead generation, we discuss the keys to success at dD that help us provide unparalleled service and quality results. At dD, we focus on providing a business development team that carries the expertise of an industry leader while providing the transparency and interaction of an internal team.

  • dD Outbound Whitepaper

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