Meet the Management Team

  • Lindsay Frey

    President, Co-Founder


    Lindsay Frey has over 15 years of experiencing building and managing successful sales development programs for companies in the tech industry. As the President of demandDrive, she is able to combine her in-depth knowledge of effective demand generation strategies & processes with strong leadership and project management skills. She welcomed Lucy, a rescue dog from Texas, to the demandDrive team last June and the two have been inseparable ever since.

  • Dan Paul

    Managing Director, Co-Founder


    As the Managing Director at demandDrive, Dan is responsible for all aspects of finance and operations and has a large role in process development to improve demandDrive services and client engagement. He has nearly 10 years of experience building and managing sales development teams in finance and high-tech. He fancies himself an outdoorsman (but he rarely does anything outdoorsy) and has quite possibly the laziest dog in the world (we still love you, Emma!)

  • Sarah Fotos

    VP of Client Engagement


    Sarah started at demandDrive back in September of 2012 after working in direct telecom sales and the restaurant industry following her graduation from Stonehill College. She now heads up the Client Engagement team, overseeing the success of all demandDrive clients. Outside of work you can usually find her at a local rock climbing gym or volunteering with the Team Fox Young Professionals of Boston.

  • Jon Hanman

    Director of Sales


    Jon has been working at demandDrive for 4 years since his arrival from across the pond and is now THE Director of Sales. He has over 10 years of sales experience and 7 years in the tech industry under his belt. He is a self-proclaimed foodie, keen traveler and the proud owner of a 25-meter freestyle swimming certificate.

  • Hailee Lange

    Director of Client Engagement


    Hailee started with demandDrive over 5 years ago in a sales development role following a few other sales positions in the Boston Tech space. Now a Director of Client Engagement, she is based in our Miami, Florida office (much to the jealousy of a select few). She is responsible for maintaining the success of her clients along with managing the day-to-day needs and training of her SDRs. On the weekends, you can find her out on the boat getting some sun while free-diving or searching for stone crabs to eat for dinner.

  • Steve D’Alessandro

    Director of Client Engagement


    Steve has been with demandDrive since May of 2015 and joins the team with 2 years of experience in Inside and Outside sales positions, as well as 3 years in a management role. He is currently a Director of Client Engagement and has worked with over 16 unique clients to help build and manage effective sales development teams. Steve can be found on Cape Cod in the summers and at the Warren Tavern in Charlestown in the winter. He is a proud UMass grad and has lived in the Commonwealth his whole life (with the exception of 3 years in sunny San Diego).

  • Tyler Schock

    Director of Client Engagement


    Tyler started at demandDrive in the winter of 2015 after graduating from the University of New Hampshire. He kicked off his career at demandDrive as an SDR and stepped into a management role a year later. He is now a Director of Client Engagement, managing the day to day success of both his SDRs and subset of clients. When he isn’t in the office, you can typically find him and his Jeep parked on a beach down at the Cape.

  • Brett Hovanec

    Director of Client Engagement


    Brett started with demandDrive at the beginning of 2015 as an SDR and moved up the ladder to become a Director of Client Engagement. He now manages the day to day reporting, strategic goals, and SDR team for multiple projects across different industries here at demandDrive. If he’s not on the Ping Pong table or sailing off the coast of Rhode Island, you can usually find him mixing some new beats in his music studio.


  • AJ Alonzo

    Director of Marketing


    AJ started with demandDrive as an SDR in the summer of 2013 after graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University. He now heads up the Marketing Department and is in charge of producing and promoting content to help further establish the demandDrive brand. Outside of work you can usually find him on the Ultimate field or at Anna’s Taqueria taking down a super burrito.

  • Mike Coscina

    Director of Sales Development


    Mike graduated Bryant University in the Spring of 2013 with BBA focused on Entrepreneurship, and shortly after began his career at demandDrive in sales development. He hasn’t turned back since. He now is the Inside Sales Manager, heading up the training and continuous coaching program. He’s a lifelong hockey player with a passion for helping dD reps grow personally and professionally.

  • Sean Harrison

    Director of Recruiting


    Sean started at demandDrive after graduating from Hobart College in 2014. Born and raised in a small rural town in a state most haven’t heard of (Vermont), he decided to take his talents down to the beautiful city of Boston. He now heads up demandDrive’s Recruiting Department, adding top talent to the already star-studded cast of demandDrive employees. Once a competitive student-athlete, Sean has now accepted the fact he needs at least a week of recovery per hour of physical activity.

  • Meghan McNally

    Account Executive


    Meghan has been with demandDrive since the Summer of 2013 after graduating from James Madison’s College of Business. After testing our her career in Marketing, she quickly realized that Sales was more of her calling. Meghan now heads up the Business Development efforts to drive demandDrive’s growing client base. She has a love/hate relationship with running, is a sucker for puppies, and is (still) trying to learn how to play the guitar.