eBook: How To Create A Sales Development Channel

Creating Your Sales Development Channel

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    Sales Development is a vital component to driving predictable, sustainable revenue for software companies. Choosing HOW to build & grow this channel is more unclear. There are typically 3 options: build, outsource, or transition.

    The correct choice for you depends on a number of variables (budget, current resources, in-house expertise, timeline, etc), but a thorough evaluation will ultimately dictate the long term success of creating and managing a sales development team. Download our eBook to learn which is best for you!

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    Key Highlights:
    • Keys to building an internal team
    • Best ways to evaluate an outsourced lead generation team
    • Unique tip to building & ramping an internal team quickly

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  • Building and/or growing your sales development channel is a proven strategy for long-term success. How to do this is usually less clear. Should you: Build? Outsource? Transition? Download our eBook to help you understand which is the optimal path for you AND how to execute.