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Creating Your Blog

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    Your blog can be the most valuable marketing channel you have, and because of that you need to make sure the content is strong and relevant. Creating that content starts by getting the right people to write it.

    What if you don’t have the content team to support that? Using the resources at your disposal – SDR’s, your operations team, your owners, and anyone else who’s willing – will help you curate a blog that’s consistent, but speaks with different voices.

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    Key Highlights:
    • Getting the most out of the resources you have
    • Crafting a unique and consistent voice out of many contributors
    • Defining a repeatable process to publish your content

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  • Creating content to drive inbound leads is a great way to generate new business - but what if you don't have a dedicated content team? Learn how to use your whole team to create a blog worth reading, and generate more quality MQL's for your sales team to followup on.