Employee Spotlight: Sarah Deloury

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At demandDrive, we aim to be an extension of your team by being transparent & highly personable. In order to give our clients (and prospective clients) a window into our amazing culture, we will be introducing members of the demandDrive team over the next few months – this time it’s one of our DCE’s who keeps demandDrive looking good (inside and out)!

Sarah started working at demandDrive back in 2012 as an SDR, and has since worked her way up into the Director of Client Engagement position. No longer prospecting on a daily basis, Sarah manages some of demandDrive’s high profile clients and is our go-to DCE for a Starbucks run! We picked her brain a bit on how she transitioned from the SDR role into her current one as a DCE:

What made you interested in becoming a Director of Client Engagement?

I come from a customer service / training / leadership background, so I’ve always known that managing and advising people interested me. When I first started at demandDrive in September of 2012 (I was employee #11 I think), Lindsay and Dan were the only ones managing projects. Their relationship with our clients along with seeing how successful and valuable our programs were really motivated me to want to explore the position.

What have been some of the toughest challenges you’ve faced managing SDRs?

When I first start working with our SDRs, I think the hardest part was figuring out what kind of management style they respond to the best and what motivates them. From there, I can adjust to how I interact with them. Outside of that, learning how to have the tough yet productive conversations are always tricky!

What is one of your favorite memories so far from working at demandDrive?

There are so many! Summer parties, holiday parties, Innovation Days, business trips… I think one of the coolest memories recently was looking around our holiday party in December and realizing how much we’ve grown over the past 3 years and the great group of people we have working here.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

I love to travel, explore new restaurants, volunteer – I’m a member of Team Fox Young Professionals here in Boston – stay active, and spend time with friends and family!

You’ve gained a reputation around the office as a Starbucks aficionado – would you EVER drink Dunkin’ instead?

I swear I used to be a Dunks girl – french vanilla iced coffees were my thing! Now I’m hooked on Starbucks espresso and can’t go back!

About the Author

AJ Alonzo

AJ started with demandDrive as an SDR in the summer of 2013 after graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University. He now heads up the Marketing Department and is in charge of producing and promoting content to help further establish the demandDrive brand. Outside of work you can usually find him on the Ultimate field or at Anna’s Taqueria taking down a super burrito.

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