Employee Spotlight: Pat Lowndes

At demandDrive, we aim to be an extension of your team by being transparent & highly personable. In order to give our clients (and prospective clients) a window into our amazing culture, we will be introducing members of the demandDrive team over the next few months – this time it’s one of our top-preforming reps and the (self-proclaimed) office ping-pong champ!

Pat started working at demandDrive back in September of 2015. He immediately asserted himself as a force on the ping-pong table, and pretty soon after that transferred to the phones! He’s been given some tough projects so far, but he’s come out on top each time. We picked his brain to see what factors contributed the most to his continued success!

As a top performing rep at demandDrive, what is one thing you can name that has helped you succeed the most?

It sounds incredibly simple and pretty obvious, but I think persistence would have to be the thing that has helped me out the most. When I first started here and prospects would become agitated over the phone I wouldn’t necessarily shy away, but I wouldn’t really push back that hard either. Now when I encounter a disgruntled prospect with a sharp objection I tend to try and scoot right around it and continue my pitch. I’ll say something like “I totally understand where you’re coming from, we’ve actually recently had an increase in clientele in blank industry because we do blank really well.”

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve face while prospecting, and how did you overcome it?

My first project here was centered around event registration. I had been calling for about 3 weeks without a single registrant, which was really discouraging. I decided to change my mindset and try to hit 85 calls no matter what, thinking if I was putting in over 100 activities a day something what have to give. The following week I got my first registrant and I ended up finishing over goal for the project.

Any advice for new employees at dD?

Make as many calls as you can when you’re first starting out. For one, it sets a good first impression for yourself if you’re consistently at the top of the call report. Secondly, the more calls you make the quicker you’ll see improvement. I’ve found the best way to learn is from your own personal failures. Lastly, sales is the business of talking to people and building relationships – so if you’re not making many calls (with exceptions to some projects) it’s tough to make money…which I expect is everyone’s end goal.

You recently won the dD ping-pong tournament. How did you celebrate?

Haha, I had a few beers to celebrate!

It looked like there was some pretty stiff competition – how did you prepare?

I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary preparation-wise. Although I did have to watch out for Nolan Brown, he is third best in the office after all!

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AJ Alonzo

AJ started with demandDrive as an SDR in the summer of 2013 after graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University. He now heads up the Marketing Department and is in charge of producing and promoting content to help further establish the demandDrive brand. Outside of work you can usually find him on the Ultimate field or at Anna’s Taqueria taking down a super burrito.

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