Employee Spotlight: AJ Alonzo

At demandDrive, we aim to be an extension of your team by being transparent & highly personable. In order to give our clients (and prospective clients) a window into our amazing culture, we will be introducing members of the demandDrive team over the next few months – this time it’s our Marketing and Sales Development Manager!

AJ started working at demandDrive right out of school back in 2013, and after spending time in the SDR role made the transition over to marketing. We wanted to pick his brain a bit about the transition he made and what growth opportunities the different tracks at demandDrive can offer to its SDRs:

Why did you choose demandDrive?

They really sold it during the interview process. Compared to some of the other interviews I had it felt like demandDrive really wanted me to work here, which was huge for someone coming right out of school. They also highlighted the potential for growth within the company and the different ways to expand the SDR role.

What has been the biggest thing that you’ve learned while working at demandDrive?

Sales is the basis for everything. Going through the dD training process when I first started really hammered that idea home. The skills you learn while in a sales job are applicable to so much more in life than just sales, and set you up for success in future jobs and responsibilities.

How has the opportunity to try out different tracks helped you grow in business?

Taking control of the Marketing team has showed me that I have a real passion for writing, and for learning the ins and outs of a business’ process. On top of doing the SDR job I get to work on developing marketing skills, and now I’ve realized that’s the direction I want to take my career in!

What got you interested in sales and marketing in the first place?

I had done a few sales internships while in school and realized that I enjoyed the competition and individual drive that it came with, but I just couldn’t find the right environment to enjoy it in. Coming to demandDrive helped me realize that sales is much more than an individual goal to hit each month, but rather it’s a team working toward a bigger goal. The Marketing stuff just fell into place after that. This is a great place to hone skills or learn totally new ones!

As the Marketing and Sales Development Manager, how do you find time to do all of your work and still play ping pong?

There’s ALWAYS time for ping-pong! Breaking up my day with a couple of games here and there helps manage stress, and it definitely makes getting to 10,000 steps on my FitBit a lot easier!

About the Author

AJ Alonzo

AJ started with demandDrive as an SDR in the summer of 2013 after graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University. He now heads up the Marketing Department and is in charge of producing and promoting content to help further establish the demandDrive brand. Outside of work you can usually find him on the Ultimate field or at Anna’s Taqueria taking down a super burrito.

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