Customer Success

Our Customer Success programs are designed to drive revenue by proactively engaging with customers at key points in their lifecycle

  • Survey

    • Surveying of customers after a non-renewal or cancellation of their subscription
    • Collection of valuable data for your sales, marketing, and customer success teams
    • Opportunity to renew customers on the spot
  • Customer Success

    • Uncovering new Main Points of Contact (MPOCs) within renewal-ready accounts
    • Addressing higher priority issues by connecting customers to internal managers
    • Directing customers to the appropriate resources as needed
  • Renewals

    • Renewals of target accounts, specific customer segments, high-priority accounts, etc… from 6-months to 30 days out
    • Actively up-sell and cross-sell customers during the renewal process
    • Educating customers on new product updates, pricing models, and package updates
  • demandDrive’s Customer Success Program is designed to help you drive revenue via your current customer base through proactive management and renewals practices

    demandDrive assists and augments customer success and renewal efforts to improve your overall:

    • Net Promoter Score
    • Net Retention & Net Resolution Rates
    • Logo Retention Rates

    All while lowering your overhead cost of hiring and training in-house & lowering the workload of your Customers Success Managers, Account Managers or Renewal representatives.

    Don’t have a customer success team in place?

    We’re here to help! We can build out a team and process for you to get your customer success program up and running.

    • Alleviate your sales reps time by letting customer success field calls. Let your sales reps focus on selling and growing your customer base.
    • Use the customer success team to accurately route customers to the right department when they reach out – or better yet let them handle it!
    • Execute proactive customer management with satisfaction surveys and renewals management.
    • Give your brand a boost by improving your Net Promoter score through surveys – both proactively and post-mortem.
    Have a team already? No problem!

    Bring an SDR mentality to the renewals side of your business and get in front of your customers before they come to you.

    • Create a custom cadence to make sure you’re contacting customers with expiring contracts before they make any decisions.
    • Cross-sell and up-sell customers during the survey process to drive revenue for the sales team.
    • Run satisfaction surveys to get in front of potential problems and route calls to the right department if needed.
    • Improve retention and resolution rates among your customer base.
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