Outbound Cost Analysis Whitepaper

What is the total cost of an internal outbound sales development team?

  • Using a business / sales development team to generate qualified leads is a proven method of driving predictable revenue. Ultimately, tech companies must scale their Outbound efforts in order to sustain growth and are faced with two options: build internally or outsource. The correct choice depends on a number of variables, many of which are either unseen or unaccounted for.

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    Sales Development Cost Preview

    Key Highlights:

    • Total cost of internal sales development team, broken down by geographical location

    • Full layout of the hidden costs found in building an internal team

    • Best practices in sales development team construction

    • Benefits of outsourcing your outbound lead generation function & sales development team (costs, quality, output, management, etc)

    • We address how to hire strong business / sales development reps even though it’s harder than ever

    Sales Development Best Practices

    Need to focus on your outbound strategy instead? Check out Outbound 2.0! We identify the best practices in Outbound Lead Generation that have been implemented by demandDrive in 100+ companies.

  • dD Whitepaper: Internal vs Outsource Cost

    Do you know the true, total cost of building an internal team of sales / business development reps? Download this whitepaper to understand the hidden costs of an internal team, to learn the benefits of outsourcing, and to see what is the best choice for YOUR team.