demandDrive Blog

  • Employee Spotlight: The Morning Crew

    At demandDrive, we aim to be an extension of your team by being transparent & highly personable. In order to give our clients (and prospective clients) a window into our amazing culture, we will be introducing members of the demandDrive team over the next few months – this time it’s the selfless group that comes in early every day to call across the pond!

  • Account Based Outbound: Mix Quantity, Quality & Process

    When it comes to Account Based Outbound, SDR teams will be mixing a high quality approach with a high quantity approach. It yields higher traction for sure, but what if you supplemented that process with technology? We explore the ABO process and how adding a partner like Yesware could supplement some great results.

  • Personality in VM’s and EM’s

    A lot of people assume we sit in a call center and read directly off of a given script, attempting to book loosely qualified appointments for our clients. demandDrive is about as far from that as possible, and one of the biggest ways we separate ourselves from these call factories is the personal touch we put into each voicemail and followup email we send.

  • Listening for Trigger Events

    Recently during a morning meetup we talked about trigger events – situations that present an SDR with a stronger impetus to prospect a certain account. Having just signed up for Tweetdeck, it got me thinking: How can we use social media to uncover potential trigger events?

  • Handling Gatekeepers

    A lot of articles published on “handling gatekeepers” tend to focus on the “getting past them” part. Instead of working to get past the gatekeeper, the focus should be on utilizing the gatekeeper’s knowledge to your benefit. Getting referrals and intelligence from them can lead to quality conversations with their managers, other people in the department and ultimately the decision maker for your project.