[Webinar] How to Pilot Account-Based Funnel Management

demandDrive and Scratch Marketing + Media present:

How to Pilot Account-Based Funnel Management at Your Company

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    Account-based marketing (ABM) + account-based sales development (ABSD) = account-based funnel management (ABFM).

    Join Lindsay Frey, President, demandDrive, and Lora Kratchounova, Principal, Scratch Marketing + Media, for this discussion of what sales and marketing organizations must do to join forces and launch a true account-based approach that will maximize penetration of the accounts that matter most to their business.

    In this webinar, we will:

    • Walk you through the best practices in creating an ABFM pilot and what pre-conceived notions you should throw out;
    • Showcase the importance of sales and marketing alignment in the new ABFM world;
    • Share key findings from our industry report and survey of over 100 marketing and sales professionals.