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Interested in starting or accelerating a career in tech sales with an industry leading demand generation firm?

Check out our sales representative and sales management openings. We are leaders in the lead generation and inside sales process space, and we are looking for motivated individuals to continue (and expand) our rapid growth.

We value a thoughtful but dedicated work environment that encourages employees to find the right work/life balance. To accomplish this, we offer many lifestyle perks, reward programs, competitions, and group events. Click the link to the right to learn more, and let us know if you think you’re a fit!
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Core Lead Generation Solutions

dD Outbound
Targeted Outbound Lead Generation is a critical piece of a Demand Generation strategy, and dD offers customized, qualified Outbound Lead Generation services for enterprise software companies.

dD Accelerate
dD Accelerate is a program designed to help small and early stage companies ramp up sales & marketing efforts, identify target markets, build an effective sales engine, and create sales opportunities.

dD Inbound
dD integrates your Inbound efforts with our proprietary Outbound process and qualifies your Inbound leads in order to determine which are sales-ready, nurture candidates, or unqualified.

dD Intelligence
dD Sales & Marketing Intelligence reports develop a panoramic view of your market, providing intelligence on multiple fronts that optimize your Demand Generation Strategies.

dD Data
dD provides various Demand Generation Scouting Reports that accurately portray your target accounts and verticals markets through list development, Org Charts, and Account Profiling.

dD Events
dD proactively drives attendance and provides followup to webinars, trade shows and seminars through efficient and targeted outreach that goes beyond simple email campaigns.

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